Day 4: Looking For Alaska By John Green (Part 2)

I slammed the door shut and slid the floor sighing, finally this day was over.

I heard bangs from the kitchen.

My parents weren’t due back from Hawaii for a week.

My eyes widened. I armed myself and jumped behind the couch.

“Kat is tha-what are you doing,” I heard my brother ask.

“I-I thought you were a robber… wait what are you doing here!?”

“And you were going to defend yourself with an umbrella?” He chuckled.

I glared at him waiting for a reply to my question.

“I missed you?” He said smiling at me.

“Ha!” I snorted.

“It’s true, I knew mom and dad wouldn’t be home and I wanted to see how you were doing,” he said a hurt expression spreading across his face.

I wasn’t buying it.

I slammed my door shut.

And cried.

It was partly the book’s fault. Alaska, who is a person believe it or not, sounded wonderful, spontaneous, but the ending devastated me. There were so many unanswered questions.

However I think i was starting to like characters in books better than actual people.

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