The Battle of Buffalo, New York

Victor and Tim started dueling. Victor shot a Discus of Doom into the air. Tim countered, sending the Discus of Doom hurtling towards Victor. Victor countered, and the Discus rebounded towards Tim. Tim wasn’t fast enough, and got hit, leaving a scar. Tim launched a Class V Nuclear Concertinian Discus at Victor. Victor blocked, and the Class V NCD flew towards Tim. Tim kicked the C5NCD toward Victor. Victor got hit by the C5NCD, and started glowing. Victor hurled a Taserdisc at Tim. Tim somehow had enough time to put on rubber gloves. Tim caught the Taserdisc, and threw it at Victor. Victor dodged, but he was hit when the Taserdisc rebounded off of a soldier’s sheild. Victor and Tim kept dueling, and after a long and grueling battle, Tim won. “Yes!” Tim said. “Who else wants to challenge the master of air hockey?”

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