SuperHero Black Hole: Part II

Time to explain the limits of my ability. Ready?
You see, every second that expires of every hour of every day becomes part of The Past. Once it’s past, it’s gone. Geronimo. Adios. Whatever.
But every second that has YET to happen, that has not actually occured yet, is The Future. (This isn’t meant to be patronising, but I need to make sure I’m getting my point across.)
Now, the 1st part of my story: I have already written it, YOU have already read it and that mini-event has come to pass. But the next words I have yet to type are in The Future, but now they’re written, they’re in The Past.
Now, as The Future is affected by the big mass of decisions that the worldwide population make every day and constantly changes and shifts like a kaleidascope, it’s impossible to travel there cos, theoretically, it does not exist. But since The Past has already happened, I can go there because events and descisions have already been made and exist that way forever, having already appeared in the ether of things…

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