Blowin' in the Wind

He had been walking for days, perhaps weeks, or so it seemed. Time didn’t always flow at a constant rate here, so he couldn’t be sure. The battery on his iPod has only drained 5% since he began his journey, yet he’d listened to 21,193 songs. That couldn’t be right, he thought. Could it?

He scanned the horizon. Purple clouds and three orange moons, so different from his home planet. At last he saw the Temple! A huge pyramid, with a great disembodied eye floating above. His pace quickened as he ran up the steps and towards a very tall man wearing a chartreuse bathrobe. His journey was at an end.

“Thank goodness! They all said I was crazy, said I’d never find it! But here I am! I have so many questions! So many things I want to know. But I’m a bit hazy from the travel. What day is it?”
“Oh, we don’t measure time here. It doesn’t work that way.”
“So, how do you measure things? How do you know how long things take?”
“By distance. For example: how many roads did you walk down to get here?”

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