Diggetyfloo wanted to squelch out Humboppetyboop, the fiendish Under-Lord of North-East Earth, for the sake of all Clankind.
So he took a taxi, then a connecting flight to Hundread States to find the fiendish Under-Lord.
On his journey he came across some crazy mushroom-eating Italian brothers, several army squadrons and a hyperactive blue hedgehog who ran around collecting gold rings. Strangely, a gangly little bald man with ashen skin chased after the blue hedgehog, screaming for something “precious”.
So, several weeks later, Diggetyfloo finally made it to the fiendish Under-Lord’s Lair and after breaking in using his double-barrelled shotgun, Diggetyfloo raced through the Lair, only to find the fiendish Under-Lord of North-East Earth DEAD in his torture chamber, having been hit in the head with a candlestick, by a fat, mustachio’d Captain who had a penchant for hot dogs slathered in Mustard…
Eventually, the writer of this story got bored of writing random things, so went to watch Being John Malkovich…

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