Hangover Surprise

I awake, bleary-eyed. Rubbing sleep from my eyes, I stumble to the window and push the curtains aside. Sunlight pierces my slitted orbs and a shot of pain makes me double over. My head feels like an overripe melon about to burst. I’m going to puke.
I run to the bathroom and release last night’s contents into the bowl. Again and again.
Finally empty, I lay on the floor, shivering, but never wanting to brush my teeth so bad in my life. Slowly, I stand and grab my toothbrush. As I’m applying toothpaste, I happen to notice that my clothes are covered in blood. I freeze.
I look in the mirror. My wide eyes are the only thing I see. I look to the bathroom floor, hoping to see blue tiles. No such luck. The floor is also covered with blood.
I glance into the bedroom at my bed. The quilt is thrown back and the once white sheets are stained a crimson. That’s when I feel it. My back is killing me.
I pull my nightshirt over my head and turn towards the mirror. On my back is a carving of a map.

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