Ho! The Enemy Is Upon Us!

“Ho! They have broken the front line!” Captain Jim yelled happily

“Umm, Sir isn’t that a bad thing?” Whispered Private Dirk clutching his gun a baby would it’s mother

“No Sir!” Jim exclaimed "The front line wasn’t that strong anyway! It’s a deliberate trick-attack!*

Tanks began to roll over the hill. The ground trembled as if God himself was coming. Private Dirk looked as if death had told him to get on his horse.

“Sir, I don’t think our calvary can handle those tanks.” Private Dirk whispered again

Captain Jim began to laugh heartily and slapped Dirk on the back.

“Of Course not!” he shouted almost bursting into tears

The Good Captain almost burst into tears as Dirk eyed him; looking horrified.

“But Captain your always so optimistic!” He cried as the Captain picked up his binoculars “You never say anything negative!”

A loud boom filled the air and a shot of flame rose from the battlefield like a bird.

“And that’s why we have such a wonderful air force!” The Captain said grinning

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