Day 5: Initiation By Sylvia Plath (continued)

“Katherine…John” I heard my name but refused to believe the name that had come next.

Was I really so lucky?

“Robin did you hear that!” I whispered excitedly.

“Yeah, that’s great.” he mumbled getting up to find his partner.

“Hey,” John said sitting down.

“Hi,” I shyly replied.

“Hey is that something by Sylvia Plath?” he asked pointing to my stack of books.

“ yeah, you’ve read her?” I said suprised.

“Is it really that hard to believe that I’ve read a book?” he laughed, smiling at me.

I melted.

“No, no it’s not that-”

“Relax I know what you mean, she’s wrote one of my favorite books.”

“The Bell Jar?” I asked.

“That would be it.”

The bell rang.

“Can I have your number?” He asked

I must have looked surprised.

“You know, so we can work on this?”

“Oh right, of course.” Was I really so dumb as to think he wanted it for any other reason?

“So I’ll see you soon, oh and in a world full of sparrows, stay a Heather bird Kat,” He winked at me, leaving.

Best history class ever.

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