Drew (3)

Drew stared at me with a fire in his eyes that would have killed lesser men.

I’ve seen this stare before from other men, but his was something else.

I suddenly wished Drew’s eyes were mine, this might seem random but if you saw them you would understand.

His eyes are a greenish taint, like a bustling fog in a horror movie. But yet hold a calmer interior like a lush forest. They invoke fear in everyone but yet like a moth to the flame; his eyes attract us all. I should of killed him right there, or at least knocked him out to prevent the inevitable counter attack.

But I didn’t.

His movement was swift and unexpected.

Drew’s knee shot into my groin and I literally saw sparks.

As I fell onto his chest he quickly turned his head.

As if in slow motion I saw what was happening.

Drew’s single earing was actually a miniature knife.

It sliced into my skin and left a long stripe of blood.

Drew tossed me to the side and reached for his pistol.

I made a desperate lunge for the window-

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