Premonition: Fire

“Gabe, what did you see?” Shay whispers as we head out of home room. She knows when I see something I dont like by now.

“Shelby. I think she’s a pyro.”

“Someone who makes and controls fire? I havent ever seen them.”

“Yeah, the book she was reading, well thats gonna be set on fire, soon and burn down the school.”

“Wait, your visions have always been right. So does that mean the school is going to burn down?”

“Not exactly. The future is always changing. Lets hope this one does.”

First period was a drag. I didnt know when exactly she was going to burn up the book, but I knew it was soon. During second period, Shelby enters the room late, and gives her pass to the English teacher. She sits all the way at the back and she takes out and begins to read her book while the teacher began talking. The kids in the back begin to talk to her, asking her annoying questions,

“Ever had a boyfriend?”
“Still a virgin babe?” I can see her get angry. Really angry. Suddenly, like I saw, her book turn into fire.

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