Rich the Rocket

Rich wore His leather jacket, the one Bess sewed the patches on. He bit down on a cigarette.

Charlene had a lighter and He slapped her arse when the cigarette caught. She kissed the lighter, unzipped a pocket and slipped it in.

He pulled the zip up just behind her fingers. He was very particular about that.

‘Baldy,’ he said.

Baldy held Rich aloft while the kids yelled; then he put Him in the go-kart.

‘Want your helmet?’ Bess asked.

‘Sloz,’ Rich replied.

Sloz spat into his hand and rubbed it over Rich’s forehead.


Tanya waved and dropped her mum’s chequered tablecloth.

Rich took a drag and released the break.

He was about halfway, just passing Pemberton Lane, when he heard a car. He slammed the breaks. The go-kart twisted off the road and snuggled in a hedge.

Rich was still on the tarmac. The car slammed on the breaks and the horn.

Rich didn’t run or jump out of the way; He just puffed smoke all over the car.

Rich’s parents gave his wheelchair to Ms Crane. She soaked off the decals.

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