Into The Forest They Went

“Gabriel father told us to stay on the trail.” – “Are you scared of a fairy tale that our father told us just so we wouldn’t stray away from his side?” said Gabriel.

Andrew looked around in the forest, hoping to see the creatures that hunted his nightmare but all he saw was trees and bushes. “No.” Andrew replied. Andrew ran to catch up with Gabriel who went into the darkness of the forest.

“GABRIEL.” shouted Andrew as he stumbled around the forest in search of his sister.
Andrew shouted as a hand grabbed his shoulder, to only turn around and see Gabriel snicker at his frightened face.

“It is only me Andrew, you sure do scare easily.” – “Shut up Gabriel we aren’t suppose to be in here anyways. So let’s get back to the trail, before father thinks we are lost.” – “Yes we will do that, but first come follow me.”

Andrew hesitated looking back at the way he came from; he felt something would go horribly wrong. He also never wanted to get lost in the forest and feared he would if he went further in.

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