A Failed Attempt

The net landed over Juno’s head before she could react to the footsteps approaching behind her.

The ropes were heavy, a double braid, and rough, scratching at her skin where they rubbed against her. She kicked and struck out, obviously outnumbered she refused defeat.

“Control the cat!” a Denar shrieked and she was pinned down. Arms and legs clutched by strong, green hands.

Her own hands were still glowing with pale magic but she was weakened. The energy from her outburst had disappeared but she raised her head proudly to glare at her captors – pleased at her attempt of escape as she lay, panting.

She was dragged again. The journey was shorter this time, although it involved a flight of stairs and a cloud of torments, and finally she was thrown into a hard-floored cell.

The door closed as soon as she was inside and her throat was dry when her insults were spent and she sat back, arms folded and glaring. A cold hand touched her upper arm gently and a familiar voice soothed her.

“Juno?” it said.

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