He appeared in the mist. Nothing was to be seen, only gray liquid-like mist. A first real challenge, huh? He felt a spirit about fifty meters behind him, but he did not feel good enough in this new realm yet. He was not used to hovering in the real world, and it felt even stranger when not having legs. At least they left me the hands. He tried a minor spell and sure enough it worked. “How about something bigger,” he whispered this time. A huge wall of fire surrounded him. “Well then, time to go,” he said out loud this time.

He hovered towards the spirit he felt. As he moved, he felt another, stronger sprite farther away. He made short work of the first one and sped to the second. It was somewhat stronger, but didn’t stop him at all. Five minutes and five more spirits later, he laughed shortly and just said “Well, I’m finished then.”

He appeared in the real world. He was glad to feel his legs again. His teacher was standing in front of him. “You did well, Firedancer. I’ll see you next week.”

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