Picture Day Part 1

Samantha looked at her watch, 7:00pm. She had no idea when to expect him home. She read the instructions he left for her and sighed.

She removed her clothes and headed into the bathroom, stepping into the shower she began to relax. As she soaped her body she thought about the evening ahead. They had both been so busy lately. Samantha rinsed her body and began the process of shaving; she focused on getting her body smooth. She rubbed her fingers down her abdomen for a moment before reluctantly pulling her hand away. There was no time for that. Sam stepped out of the shower and dried off. She was naked, shaved and ready.

Walking into the living room, she surveyed the scene he had left for her. He had set up a camera on a tri-pod and lights were placed around the room. Mac knew she hated having her picture taken. He loved to push her limits; perhaps this was to be tonight’s lesson.

She knelt , back straight, legs slightly spread. She had no idea how long she would be waiting.

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