Not Invincible

With a crash I fly out of the window and make a rolling landing.

I’ve never done this before but I’ve seen it done plenty of times in action movies! Surprisingly it works! Drew immediately trains his gun over the windowsill and opens fire on me.

His shot’s go wide mainly because of the injury in his arm from the arrow. If I hadn’t shot him there I would be a dead man right now.

I quickly flee down the street towards St. Marion’s bridge where I know I will be able to escape.

As I’m running I begin to think to myself:

“I’m not invincible.”

The realization hits me hard like a bullet to chest and I almost forget to keep running. All this time I had the foolish thought that I couldn’t die. That it was impossible.

I begin to approach the bridge and a cold funny feeling washes over me.

“Why does all the drama in movies happen on bridge?” I think to myself

It’s a strange feeling that I can’t put my finger on so I decide to just cross the bridge and be over with it.

I had left Drew far behind.

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