Day 6: On the Rainy River By Tim O'Brien

January 6th

“So then you subtract x from, are you listening to me?” Robin asked trying to give me some much needed tutoring.

“Of course,” I replied, gazing in the direction that John was sitting.

“Then what did I just say?” He asked following my gaze.

“Something about math?” I answered.

He glared at me.
“If you don’t want help then at least tell me so you can stop wasting my time,” he grumbled, gathering his books.

“Wait, I’m sorry, look I’m focused now.”

The only answer I got was the sound of the door slamming.

“Trouble with the boyfriend?” I heard someone say.

I looked up only to see, sigh , John.

“Robin? He’s not my boyfriend?” I blurted out quickly.

“Oh, I just assumed,” he said.

“You assumed wrong,” I said smiling.

“That I did,” he said, returning the smile. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing why?”

“I thought maybe we could work on our project?”

“Sure!” I replied a bit too eagerly.

“Alright haha, seven good?”

Three in the morning would be good if it meant I would be with you…

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