A first date goes well

We both were amazed at wanting to order the same adventurous items on our date. I thought it boded well that we liked the same foods. She talked easily and rapidly about all kinds of topics, holding my interests.

My mind wandered a bit between the warm numbness of the wine and thoughts of what she would look like naked. Then, my attention returned.

“…so, that’s how I became a part-time pornographer.”
“Excuse me?”
“Yeah, I write porn on the side.”
“On the side of what?” I retorted. She giggled in return.
Leaning in close, she said, “I would never do any of things I write about. Ever.”
Lowering my voice, “Really? What kinds of things do you write about?” My eyes wandered to survey her breasts.
She blushed and glanced out the window. She took another bite of her tart. The din of the restaurant seemed to escalate. She shifted in her seat.
“Um…one night stands,” she said reaching for my hand.
I smiled broadly.

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