Chipping Day

Solar Day 212, Solar Year 4092
“What color would you like it, Mrs. Smith?” asked the doctor.
“His birth color,” she said, smiling. Simon, her son, had been born three days prior. But strict regulations required him not to be chipped for at least two days. His body will reject it, the experts said.
“I can’t get over how much he already looks like me,” said Mr. Smith. Mrs. Smith smiled up at him. There was a CLICK and it was done. Little Simon had joined the rest of the world. His chip would track him wherever he went. It would allow him instant access to his money, all of his medical and personal information, even access to vast stores of knowledge linked to everyone and everything.
Solar Day 212, Solar Year 4097
Little Simon Smith ran off the hover transit to his slide. Jumping inside, he slid into is front yard, the dome foggy from the heat outside. His friends and family had already arrived.
Time to celebrate Simon Smith’s Chipping day!
“This’ll be the best day ever!” he said smiling.

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