Last Tiger, The

The Last Tiger (also called the Old Smoker and Namsan’s Immortal), as the name may imply, refers to the last Siberian tiger native to the Korean peninsula. This ancient specimen has claimed to be a multi-milligenarian on multiple occasions and sometimes even the progenitor of his species. The claims have yet been verified—the fact that this specimen has produced human speech with a tiger’s anatomy would render science irrelevant.

Despite calling himself the enemy of the Siberian peoples, the Last Tiger spends most of his time socializing with nighttime hikers and drunkards. He is most likely addicted to nicotine, given his willingness to trade his thorough knowledge of Korea’s bygone gods with a cigarette or a puff from a pipe.

He is most often seen at night, pretending to still stalk the hills and woods. When a delinquent crosses his path, he would attempt to eat them. His faded silver and tangerine coat and tired muscles make it appear affably pathetic—but he seems satisfied with the fright alone.

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