I wake with a start. I glance at the clock and it dutifully informs me that it’s 3:48am. I strech my cramped limbs. I was not going to enjoy this part of the trip. I curl back up, snuggling into a semi comfortable, but extremly uncomfortable-looking, position.

Then I bolt upright, smacking my head on the top of my car. “Ow.” I say, rubbing my head with my hand. I look around the car for Gabe. He is no where to be found. I reach for the keys that I had placed in my cupholder. My hand closes around air. I search frantically for the keys, sure I had placed them somewhere close to the cupholder. When I can’t find them anywhere I assume Gabe has them; at least I hope he does.

I get out of my car and lock the doors from the inside. I walk on unsteady legs to the bath house that was only a few yards away. The inside is dark. Both men’s bathrooms have no lights on. I knock. I hiss “Gabe!” into the inky blackness. I get no response. Getting frantic, I check the girl’s rooms as well. He isn’t there.

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