Girl Take My Hand

“Look how far we’ve come, Tess.” he said with a smile.

Without looking up from her paper, she gave a confused, “What are you talking about?”

“Things are different, from the beginning I mean. I think we’re doing much better now.”

“How so, Marcus? We do the same thing everyday. You copy off my work and correct each problem as you go.”

“Oh come on!” He rolled onto his side and looked up at her with that look in his eyes. They were the only two sitting in the fluorescent school hallway, studying for finals together.

She giggled and replied, “No really, I had no idea. I didn’t notice anything.”

“Well I sure did,” he mumbled with a longing tone. Marcus forced himself to snap out of it and finally picked up a book.

But now she couldn’t concentrate. She kept thinking about what he meant by change. Was there something else? She had been enjoying his company lately. Maybe..

Right then, the bell rang.

Marcus stood up, and as Tess started to gather her papers, he held out his hand. “Here, let me help.”

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