More Than A Stranger

“If you’re looking for the right type of candy, you can’t go wrong with Skittles,” he says. I’m looking into his steel-blue eyes and want to run my hands through his silk brown hair, but control myself and don’t lose my wit.

“How’d you know I was looking for a candy?” I ask curiously.

“Well, I saw you standing here for a while. I don’t think it takes people that long to pick a candy, so I decided to help you out,” He chuckles and I can’t help do the same. We’re the same height, but he’s way more gorgeous. I watch the curve of his lips.

“Then I guess I should take your advice,” I pick up the Skittles and walk away from him to the register. I’m praying I didn’t walk away too soon, or give him the wrong impression by doing that; I’d hate to screw this up. The register rings up the candy, and I pay robotically. Not even looking at how much the candy costs. I start walking away, when he says,

“Hey! Do you want to get some great coffee?” Before I say yes, I see Kylie walking through the entrance.

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