Just A Little Problem

I spot Gabe just as he glances away from me to someone else. As I take another step, I see who he is looking at. A very cute guy is looking at Gabe. He is just as tall as Gabe, meaning a few inches taller then me, and well built. He wore a pastel blue plain t-shirt that complimented his golden brown skin nicely.

When I had finished checking the guy out, I walked up to Gabe. No one had said anything yet so I broke the silence with a frustrated sigh. “Do you realize how worried I was?”

Gabe flinched when he realized I was angry. He quickly turned his attention away from the hunk. His face softened. “I didn’t think you would wake up, Kye. I was only going to be gone a few minutes… but I uhm… was distracted…”

I say a faint blush reach Gabe’s cheeks. Taken aback, I stammered. “Oh… uh… I’m sorry. I was just worried. I… uh, I’ll be back at the car.” I start to turn away – Gabe giving me a very thankful look – when I remember I’m locked out of my car. “Uhm.. Gabe. We have just a little problem…”

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