A Surprise Too Far [incest challenge]

That morning I was lying on the floor, scribbling a poem into an old notebook. I heard the creak of my door and then a weight on the small of my back as Sam sat on me before starting to tickle my waist.

I let out a soft giggle and twisted beneath him, before tickling him back. I attempted to push him off, but his fingers had removed themselves from my waist, and instead were resting under my breasts. I looked up at him and he planted his lips on mine. I knew this was wrong but for some reason I didn’t want him to stop. I could feel him hardening on top of me as he started to pull down my panties under my skirt. I knew that what was happening couldn’t be right, but it was too late, and I could feel him inside of me and I clutched at his back. My instincts screamed out and I tried to stop him but he was pushing himself into me. Tears started to cascade down my cheeks.

“Oh God,” I whispered.

“Oh, God,” he cried in pleasure, as my brother finished his deed and left, leaving me, ruined on the floor. Whore.

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