Equinox Vs. Evil (0)

It is truthfully amazing to know your destiny. As I knew mine as of that moment.

My Mom would be safe.

And the incarnation of Evil would be destroyed.

I gripped my sword with both hands and swung it at the air so fast it was just a blur.

And then suddenly me and Evil were on the moon.

“Damnation!” Evil screeched

“You left too many clues evil.” I said as I twirled the sword experimentally

I walked calmly over towards evil.

“It’s all over now.” I whispered lifting the sword.

Evil just began laughing which caught me off guard. And then he hit me harder than I’ve ever been hit in my life. And I’ve been hit by a car!

As my limp body began to fly across the moon in zero gravity I knew the moon most likely would not have been the ideal battleground.

Two clones of Evil appeared in a triangle and I instantly knew what was happening.

“Teleport!” I thought

Suddenly we were back on Earth. But did we ever leave it?

I was standing on top of the Golden Gate Bridge with Evil hovering in front of me.

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