Alone Again... Or Should I Say Still?

My dearest love. I could not risk the wrath of your parents. You may call me a coward if you wish; I will not blame you. But I need to see you. I am staying at a hotel nearby. Please. Come visit me tonight. I will be waiting. Love always.

She clutched the note to her chest. Her heart rate sped up and a huge smile brok over her lips. She coud not wait to see him, to hold him, to feel him. She could not move for several minutes.

Her mother called out from the living room, startling her and causing her heart to miss a painful beat. “Who is it dear?”

It took her several seconds to find her voice. “No one. There is no one here.”

The words pained her. She wanted someone to be there. She wanted with all her being for him to be with her right now. But she knew she would have to wait until later. The thought of any length of time before their reunion pained her.

On shaky legs, she started up the stairs. “Lacie? Are you okay?”

“Yes mom. I just want to be alone for a bit more…” She responded not looking back.

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