A Revolutionary New Treatment!

Standing outside the gigantic, square building (titled ‘Happy Days Child Development Center), Ms. Constance and her son, Andrew, had words.
As usual.
The storm clouds that rolled overhead threatened of a terrible downpour any second, but Mr. I-Know-Whats-Right Andrew refused to go inside. Even with his arm restraints the school therapist had provided, he was proving quite difficult.
Of course, the Bouncers at the Happy Days knew when they were needed and hauled Andrew inside, no problems.
After a lengthy wait in The Chair (mouth guard included, no charge) Andrew and Ms. Constance were seen to an Introduction Room. A voice came from one of the loud speakers in the corner of the dark, square room.
“Please be seated. There will be a short informational video explaining your chosen rehabilitation apparatus, codenamed ’Headgear’. Remember, no smoking inside the building, and we thank you for choosing Happy Days Child Development."

With that, the lights dimmed and the CLICK CLICK CLICK of a movie reel began.

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