I'm just a Boy #2

“Dude, I really don’t know why you wanna come with me.”
“I’m not going to spend my summer here while you go to some stupid theater camp. Besides, my dad would make me do nonstop football training. I’m sick of it.”
“True. And your seriously not going to paticipate?”
“Um, maybe set builder or whatever you call it. All I know is I’m not an actor.”
“Well, I am. And I have to get a lead with Cameron.”’
“Camerons that hot chick you always tell me about? With her hot best friends too?”
“Yeah. Cameron Danes. Your definatly going to fall under her spell. Every guy does. Just remember I have dibs.”
“Yeah, so why don’t you go pack. We’ll pick you up tommarow at ten.”
“Sure. Bye.”
Brett lived right across the street from me, which explains why we’ve been best friends since we were toddlers. We usually have the same intrests and do everything together, but I’m kinda mad hes coming with me to French Woods this summer. Sure I was the one who invited him, but I didn’t think he’d say yes.

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