Finally Time

She stares at her clock, wishing the time to tick away faster. Her heart beats in an agonizing rythme as she waits. Over and over again she stares down at the note he wrote her. She had memorized his hadnwritting long ago and could copy it in her sleep. Once again she tore her eyes from the paper and glanced at the clock.

Finally, she thought. She stood up and walked to her mirror. Tears had been running silently down her cheeks, but she had not noticed. She brushed them away now. Her hair had been hastily put into a ponytail this morning and was now hanging sloppily. She ripped the band out and shook her head. After running her fingers through her hair a couple times, she returned her hair to the pony tail. Tears ran down her face as she fleetingly thought of the day she would no longer be able to do her hair.

Angrily, she wipes her tears away. Abandoning her attempt to look presentable, she left her room, her sanctuary. She walked carefully down the stairs. Each step forced her to take a nervous breath.

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