Something Is Amiss

Does no body understand?
Is it just me?
I have this empty feeling
Things are not the same

I look back
There are familiar faces here
But the will is gone
The old top dogs are lost in the passing

Numbers up in the hundreds
Ever rising and ever improving
Now sit stationary, stale, still
Long forgotten about

Nicknames and friends and familiarty
I see ghosts of what was
Nothing seems right anymore
Nothing is quite aligned

I feel alone in this conclusion
Everyone else went to the party
But no one remembered to send my invitation
I feel forgotten about

Oh, I have made new friends
I have new insiders with others
But I have not let go of what was
And I feel that everyone else has

For that simple reason
I do not fit in among the rest
I drop unnoticed into an endless abyss
And my heart will never be whole again

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