Later that day Part 2

An hour passed before Samantha heard the front door open. She could feel cool air entering the house, goosebumps rose all over her body, her nipples getting hard. She shivered, from the cold and from excitement. She listened to his footsteps as he walked around. Heard him as he got a drink of water, went through the mail, set up the coffee maker for the following morning. Finally, he approached her.
“Hello Sammie, you’re such a good girl” he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, stroking his hand over her hair.
“What do you have planned Mac?” Samantha asked him as she watched him walk around turning on lights and adjusting the tri-pod. Mac circled Samantha. Walking around her still form, smoothing a stray hair, pausing to nudge her legs open a bit wider with his foot. Samantha was sure he could hear her heart pounding. She began to breathe a bit heavier, her body becoming flush with her arousal. She wanted to move but didn’t.
“You look beautiful pet.” As he spoke, he took the cane from her hands

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