Time alone

Warm water cascades over my body soothing and relaxing. Stepping out of the shower I wrap a towel around me and towel dry my hair, squeezing the moisture out of it. In my room I pick up my silk dressing gown and without anything underneath, loosely tie it. It barely conceals my ever growing breasts and just about reached the top of my thighs.

I creep to the window, looking out at our front drive. Mum and Ella are still out at the shops leaving only one person in the house with me. I grin to myself as I walk down the stairs and enter the living room.

As the door opens my father glances at me and turns the tv off. Slowly I make my way over as he pats his lap. I sit on my fathers lap, facing him, my legs wrapped round his back My dressing gown won’t cover my legs and my father slowly slips his hands inside my dressing gown, running his hands slowly from my waist to my shoulders where he pushes it off, leaving me naked.

My heart is in my throat as I feel him harden in his jeans. I reach down and undo the zip.

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