Rose: Text-talk

Hours must have past when my cellphone beeped again. I got up and looked to see who texted me. Holly.
Hey. U ok?, she texted.
Yeah, I replied.
Really?, she responded. I could picture her scowling at me. She knew me too well. I sighed.
No im not.
Want 2 talk about it? I knew she was worried.
Joe fucking cheats, I texted back. Then out of anger, I threw my brush at the wall.
U slapped him didn’t u?
Tat + more I knew she disaproved, but I didn’t care.
Good. Whoa that’s a surprise.
He had it coming. Another surprise. I was the violent one, not her.
U ok? I texted. Something had to be wrong with her.
No i just think tat he’s an asshole is all. Now I knew something was up.
Don’t lie. I know u 2 well.
…parents r splitting…
WAT! And I thought my day sucked.
Yea. My dad is leaving. I knew she was crying.
im coming over. don’t tried to stop me cuz u know u can’t. u need a friend with u. Her heart must be broken.
k. I pocketed my cellphone and climbed out the window.

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