Something weird is happening to me.

No, please don’t go! I know you’ve probably read that line trillions of times in horror novels, but I swear this is not fiction.

This is real.

And it won’t stop.

So, just humour me and keep reading. I need my situation to be known by more than just ME.

OK, here goes…

It started 2 weeks ago, I think.
It was just a normal day. Well, by ‘normal’, I mean ‘the same as most days,’ since the world is so shit.

I was walking home from work, in the pouring rain, without an umbrella (and please do not start singing that Rihanna song in your head).

The time was exactly five o’clock in the evening. I know this because of the clock tower that resides in the middle of the town centre I walk through every day to get back home and when The Incident occured, the clock tolled five times.

Suddenly, the sounds of the rain, the chatter, the clock ringing…
All of them just stopped.

And were replaced by…something else.


Disjointed, whispering voices…

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