It looks and seems so simple from the other side of the plate glass. Looking on at the others, I can see the next step. It is so obvious, glaring bright red like Rudolph’s nose. But they never see it. It looks and seems so simple… from the other side.

One step. That’s all it takes. One step over that threshold from logic and sanity to… another world. I am lost. The way is not clear. Every path and every road is shrouded in doubt and uncertainty. My power, my control… disappeared with one step. From inside, the people outside are invisible. The wall of a window I remember gazing through so often, so longingly, has transformed itself into a mirror. In this mirror is reflected all of my doubt, my fear, my worry and toil. Nothing else is clear to me except how unclear it all is.

You are here in this world, but not with me. I can see you sometimes, from a distance, and you are not like the others. I can see you, feel you. Everything else falls away when you are in sight. Everything but the doubt.

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