I am tapping my toe. The metal of my red kitten heels click against the sidewalk. I put my hands on my hips, just above the white mini skirt I wore. My red t-shirt ends above my hands, leaving a thin strip of skin exposed.

Gabe was glaring at me, not wanting to leave the boy he was with. I put my index, middle, and ring finger down and lift my hand to my ear, gesturing for him to get the boy’s number. Gabe smiles at that idea and turns his attention back to the boy. I see them exchange paper and then Gabe stands. There is an awkward hug before Gabe puts out his hand to shake. The boy takes it, but then pulls him into a hug. I see Gabe’s face burst into an estatic smile. He is bouncing as he joins me by my car.

I laugh at his bubbliness. “Get in.”

We climb in the car and take off. I sit in silience for a few minutes, letting Gabe stew with anticipation. When he looks as if he is about to explode, I bite. “Okay. Tell me all about him. I want to hear every detail. There is nothing to be omitted, got it?”

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