Super Secretary

Mr. Spence closed the door behind him as he entered. Ava’s curious eyes turned toward her screen, slightly miffed. She couldn’t hear anything from her desk with the door closed.

Ava had not gotten to be the secretary for the infamous Rafferty Pryce by being a snitch. But she also hadn’t gotten the position by being naive.

“Big Bird and Oscar are in the can,” she texted under her desk. She knew where all of the bigwigs were at any given time. She filed and scheduled efficiently, speaking only when spoken to. She was the perfect secretary, and the perfect mole.

Ava depressed the speaker phone button, placing the receiver at her ear. She mouthed words as if she were on a real call. The line flashed busy in the office, and for all Mr. Pryce knew, she was scheduling appointments.

“I’m afraid your position has been compromised. You cannot go home, and you cannot stay here.” Mr. Spence was saying.

“Bird flies coop” Ava texted. She hung up, before Mr. Pryce called her desk.

“Cancel my appointments.”

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