Slipping Away

I can feel it- that sinking feeling when he says it’s too much. I can feel our love slipping right out from under us. I want us to survive this, but I’m not sure if we can anymore.

I don’t know if this is right anymore. There was no doubt in the past; not a single thought about this not working out. Love kept us together, but now there is a hole; a hole that seems to grow deeper every day. Sometimes the hole begins to fill, only to be dug up again, deeper this time. I don’t know what will happen if the hole gets much bigger.

Perhaps it’s time to take a break, admit defeat. But there is that feeling that I would not be happy with this decision. I don’t know if I remember how to live without him.

I can feel everything slipping away, slowly but surely. I want to stop it, to freeze time. I just need to think, but the world will not stop for me to do so.

I want to be free, but I just can’t. I just stay where I am, watching everything slipping away right before my blue eyes. Just slipping away…

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