Thieves (ficly challenge)

Once upon a thyme leaf, in a pizza place 3 blocks from a house that isn’t mine, a man named Luigi made a pizza.

Aliens lost control of their flux capacitor because they were out of bologna. They crash-landed in a field of pineapples. Gathering their skirts, they hightailed it to the nearest salami-selling establishment.

Luigi stepped out back to have a fried Twinkie without his wife yelling at him. He loved Twinkies.

The Aliens entered an empty pizza place. There was no one at the counter. They raided the fridge and took the bologna, some pickles and a gallon of milk, which they stored in their expandable nostrils. They returned expediently to their ship.

Luigi returned and finished making a pizza with sardines. He went to get the fish from the fridge and realized that there was no bologna, pickles or milk left. He then saw cheesecake in the back and immediately forgot about it.

The Aliens rebooted their engine using ground bologna meat energy and left, stopping by my house to steal my bunny slippers.

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