How Long?

“This can’t be right, you’re wrong, you have to be wrong, I just have a stomach bug,” Lily stuttered.

“I’m sorry Miss, er, Carwin, but I’m afraid it’s true,” the doctor replied rechecking his chart to make sure he was in fact correct.

“But, I’m going to be fine, I have to be fine. I need to finish school and-”

“I’m afraid it’s much more serious than that.”

Everything hit her all at once.

The fact that this wasn’t just the flu.

That there was a possibility she would die.

She thought of all the things she had yet to do,

For God’s sake she hadn’t even had her first kiss yet.

“You can fix me right?” She said softly, tears flowing because she had already guessed the answer she would get.

The doctor, looking defeated only shook his head.

“How long do I have,” she whispered.

He started to explain, using unnecessarily large words to try to clarify one simple fact to her.

Lily was going to die…

In forty-two hours.

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