Equinox vs. Evil (1)

“This will be fun.” Evil whispered

My grip tightened on my sword.

“Hit me with your best shot Matthais.” Evil said grinning

I shot a force-blast out of my sword at Evil.

There was no effect.

“That’s the best you can do Matt?” Evil sneered

In a leap of I stepped off the bridge. I had reduced my altered my gravity so- whatever it’s a little technical.

Evil just shook his head.

“It’s going to take more than walking on air to scare me.” I said

Evil simply lifted his hand in response.

The sky turned black. Literally a dark haze began to fill the air.

I shifted my sword to it’s brightest phase. I looked down and realized I was standing in poop I think.

Voices began to echo all throughout the fog.

Then I heard my Mother’s voice. She was screaming.

I quickly ran towards the noise to only fall into a pit.

The pit was full of dead bodies. All of them were mine.

I closed my eyes to focus.

“This is not real.”

“Oh but it is Matt!” cried a dead body as it sat up; clutching a rusted moon sword

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