Equinox Vs. Evil (2)

The other bodies began to stir.

Fear literally began to creep up my spine.

“And I thought Fear’s domain was creepy!” I thought

“Oh it is.” Answered one of the Zombies

“We can read your thoughts Matty.” Another one sneered

I sliced at the zombie but he quickly blocked with his sword.

There swords were stronger than they looked

“Give us the Paper Matt.” A voice said behind me

I turned to slash at him but he blocked and a powerful kick hit me from behind.

I staggered some giving another zombie an opening he punched me right across the jaw. Blood began to drip from my nose.

“You can’t win Matt.” A familiar voice said from above me.

It was my Mom.

But now I had caught on to these illusion tricks and proceeded to ignore her. I didn’t even look up.

A thorny vine curled around my sword hand. Before I could even react with my other hand a vine latched onto that one too. The pain was unbearable.

A kick from behind put me on my knees.

A zombie came towards my scabbard.

I screamed.

But no one heard me.

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