So Close

“Austin!” I say as he opens the door to his room. I take a glance at where Austin’s book is and thank God for it being placed exactly where I found it.

“Sorry I took so long,” Austin says politely. I smile signifying that it’s no problem. My eyes can’t help but wonder back to the book where I almost got to the juicy confessions.

“So, you close to your mom?” I ask trying to bring conversation. I need to keep my attention away from that book, but while he talks about how he loves his mom to death and would do anything for her after their father’s death, I can’t help but think about what I almost discovered. Then, as if I had been blind of it before, I see my LG Rumor sitting next to Austin’s book.

I get up after he stops talking and begin touching things as if I’m examining it and skid my fingers across his bureau and slickly click what I hope is the end button, but when Shay suddenly whispers,

“Gabe? Did he catch you?” I notice that I click the speaker button.

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