Time is Running Out

“We could change our names, or even move to another country.” Arnie said to his brother Arnold who was standing next to a stream of water that connected his house to the ocean. “Arnie last time I am going to say this we are not going to change our names, or move somewhere else where you can screw up again.” Arnold replied.

“Well what do you suggest; they know where we live so I can cross out hiding underneath our beds for the night.” Arnie walked up on a small hill and sat in a patch of wet grass. “Why haven’t you made payments like you said you would?” – “I may have gambled half of it at the casino; I thought I would double the payment.” Replied Arnie

Arnold walked over to his brother and swung his fist at his face. Arnie rolled off the wet patch of grass. Arnie stood up from the bottom of the hill and spat out a tooth from his mouth and starred at Arnold. “Well now we got that over with now can we figure out what to do about the problem at hand?” Arnie said to his brother.

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