Three Simple Words

Sometimes I just sit here and wonder…

How often do you think about me?
How much do you love me?
Are you even the same person you were when we embarked on this journey?
Why are you so distant?
Why can’t you be more understanding?
Have you ever cried over me?
Am I scaring you away?

The questions flood my mind, and I must snap out of my reverie.
Change is happening so rapidly.
Sometimes I just can’t take it anymore; I break down and the tears begin to flow.
It hurts me so much to be away from you.

If only you could read this and understand every word…
It would give me solace if you knew, but I just can’t reveal this.
It could destroy us.
I want us to be okay, to last like we have planned for so long now.

I want you and only you, but sometimes I have doubts.
Sometimes I don’t know if you love me.
You say it, but I can’t feel the meaning behind those three words.

I want to work on this.
I want us to understand each other.
I want this to be better, less painful.
I have three words for you: I love you.

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