The Beginning of an Explanation

It was quite late when Abby realised that ficly was down. It was around the same time that she realised two of her toads were missing from the tank at the bottom of her bed.

She quickly threw the lid off the tank and stuck her head inside, poking around for any toads, searching the crevices. A shining blue light filtered from beneath a log and she saw a half-disappeared frog. She grabbed it’s leg quickly.

Abby was dragged through a space vortex, spinning millions of miles into space. When she landed, she staggered and promptly fell on her face, crushing her nose and bruising her eye. She looked up to see the toad she had teleported with bouncing away dowo a corridor.

She followed it quickly, running dizzily through velvet clad chambers until she entered a massive one with a huge glass dome roof. The metal work of it was a segmented circle with an F in the middle.

“Oh, novice writer!” a wise voice said, “I am a guardian of Ficly, what do you want?”

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