The End of an Explanation

Abby bowed at the wise man’s feet, daring not look at his mighty face.

“Novice Writer, stand!” another said. Yet another voice pierced Abby’s flattened ears.
“What brings you to this place. This holy shrine of all things Ficly?”

Abby was so enchanted by the depth and brilliance of the voices that she sought more information on the speakers.
“Who are you, oh noble protectors of ficly?”
“Us?” one wise man asked, “Why, we are Kevin, Jason and Joe who bring you ficly from this beautiful planet. Now you must answer our question.”

“Why…” Abby began, “I fear that my pet toads have found a way here to stop me writing – so that I will spend more time with them.”
“They could not do such a thing.”
“I think they have,” Abby replied, “Check the servers.”

Kevin hurried to the server stacks, “By Comma, you’re right!” he exclaimed.
“By exclamation mark. They’ve had babies on the circuit boards.”
“By speech mark we must fix them.”

And so, Ficly was saved, the toads punished and Abby returned home!

May ficly live on!

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