It’s amazing what you can do with that number. You wouldn’t believe how much you can say with so little space.
It takes some adjusting, writing within the rather tight parameters of no-less-than-sixty-no-more-than-ten-twenty-four. But let me tell you: amazing things can, and are, pulled off between those two numbers. It teaches one how to be concise, how to edit, how to be creative in editing. Need to shave off a few characters, but don’t want to cut text? Take out those extra spaces between paragraphs; do you really need two spaces between every sentence?
The brevity makes for interesting collaboration as well, with each segment a tiny snippet of a storyline at a time. It doesn’t tie one down to a huge roll in a story, or even a large chunk of the plot, if one doesn’t want. It makes for quick reading, too; it’s bite-size fiction, really.
If you’re curious, I encourage you to take a look around, give it a chance.
Oh, and in case you were curious, this piece was exactly 1,024 long.
Not bad, I’d say.

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