Not Everyone Is What They Seem

No one can know, she thought as she threw the body into the hole. She quickly buried the dead boy. I can’t let anyone know. Never, she thought as she patted the dirt. She didn’t want anyone to find out the truth. That sweet, endearing Cora was a vampire.
With her beautiful face, and stunning fashion sense, she fit in. But she knew that if anyone knew the truth, that they’d try to kill her.
She licked the blood off her fingers. The taste was wonderful. The boy had been young and healthy. She should be good for a few weeks. She was lucky not to get any blood on her favorite light coral pink and red dress.
She swiftly ran home, and quietly slipped inside. Her mom was still up.
“How was your hunting?” she asked.
“Great,” she replied smiling. Cora went upstairs, and washed the blood from her face.
Then she went to her room to get ready for school tomarow.

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